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Ventura Camera Rentals is a leading pro camera rental service in Ventura County. We pride ourselves on being the best Californian-based professional camera equipment rental services. We rank the best among camera and lighting rental companies by investing in the best equipment and customer support. Call us today to rent the latest cameras, lenses, grips, and lighting technology for producing out-of-the-world video and photo content. Our drone rentals also give the best bird’s eye view experience, giving your project deeper breadth.

Professional Rental Services for All Projects

Whether you are an amateur, vacationer, or full-time professional photographer, using the best equipment translates to high-quality projects. Buying Professional equipment is expensive, given that you may only need it few days or even a couple weeks! The math does not lie, renting is the new owning! That is why Ventura Camera Rentals offers convenient and budget-friendly professional camera equipment rentals to take your project to the next level. Our camera equipment rental services in Ventura, CA, stock a wide selection of camera rentals, lenses, drones, and other accessories.

Step Up Your Game

Ventura Camera Rentals is the leading camera equipment rental company to place you on path to success. Our Drone rentals are great for capturing panoramic images for weddings, a bird’s-eye-view for real estate photography, or even examining construction sites for inspection and safety. Additionally, our lighting accessories complement the high-quality cameras we provide to capture clear and precise images of people and locations.

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Our company operates on strict ethical values to serve the hundreds of photographers and videographers who source our services annually. We provide the best camera rental equipment available and support our clients to ensure they achieve their project goals regardless of experience levels.

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Ventura Camera Rentals differs from other rental houses because our staff includes a well-trained photo and video professionals committed to excellence, customer support, and quality. All pieces of professional camera equipment are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to guarantee compatibility and functionality of photography and videography equipment. In addition, we stay on top of technology, giving you a chance to give your projects a professional look and feel.

Other rental houses can be uncomfortable- if you don’t know exactly what you want, and how to ask for it, you can be met with criticism, making you feel self-conscious and inadequate. Not at VCR! No ma’am! We have trained professionals who are MORE THAN happy to help you get what you need, make recommendations, even provide one-on-one training!

We celebrate the creative arts. We support your creative goals.

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