LED Macro Ring Light



Offering both continuous lighting as well as customizable flash modes, the RF550D LED Macro Ring Light from Neewer is well suited for macro photography and scientific applications. The light boasts a guide number of 49′ and an effective working distance of 4.9′, achieved with 48 individual LEDs that are scattered around the ring. Another notable feature is a large color temperature range of 3000 to 9000K using the supplied filters, which enables a wide range of tones from warm orange to deep blue.

For installation, attach the light to your lens with one of the eight adapter rings provided, which range in size  from 49 to 77mm. Load four AA batteries, available separately, onto the control unit, then either mount it on your camera hot shoe for easy operation or use it handheld by extending the 39″ long coiled connection cord. On the back of this control unit is a backlit LCD screen that displays the output power, current mode, and the battery level. Dedicated buttons allow you to choose LIGHT for steady lighting, FLASH for strobe operation, and L and R modes for using only the left or right side of the ring light. Finally, you can also adjust your output power in seven different steps from 1/1 to 1/64 or dial in exposure compensation and bracketing configurations.


  • Macro ring light with 48 LEDs offers guide number of 49′
  • Achieves color temperatures from 3000K to 15,000K for wide variety of tones
  • Output power control from 1/1 to 1/64, enabling an effective range of 4.9′ at full power
  • Power control unit with LCD display for viewing and adjusting settings mounts onto camera hot shoe
  • LIGHT mode for continuous lighting, FLASH mode for strobe operation, and L and R modes for using only one half of the ring
  • Runs on four user-supplied AA batteries and features a battery level indicator at the top left of the LCD screen
  • Eight adapter rings included for mounting to compatible lenses: 49mm, 52mm 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 77mm
  • Four screw-on diffusion filters included: orange, blue, white, and transparent
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