Profoto To Bowens Mount- Set of 2



The Profoto strobist knows that with the privilege of the Swedish origins, comes the exclusive modifier price tag. This sturdy and professionally finished adapter brings you into the welcome wide world of Bowens “S” Type accessories from Glow and others, without the overhead. The popular modifier mount slips into the familiar three tap channel and securely locks with a short clockwise turn. The Bowens mount light shaper you chose is held firmly in place with a spring bolt that can be retracted to release the accessory from the adapter. There is virtually no loss of bulb to modifier distance by introducing this adapter in the light path.

This finely tooled adapter satisfies the needs of Profoto brand strobe users, as the mount is shared among a large variety of flashes they offer. Every effort has been expended to manufacture a quality Profoto style mount device in this converter.

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